Friday, April 15, 2011

Yusuf Islam, I do remember the days of the old school yard...

I had one of those strange Back to the Future moments this afternoon when I visited Le Cordon Bleu here in London.  This time I wasn't donning the checks and clogs, but taking care of business.  Yes, Bachman Turner Overdrive was my official sound track.

I felt a little like I imagine an ex-Big Brother 'star' might feel watching a subsequent season of the show. The characters were the same, their chat was very familiar, but I wasn't quite a part of it.  I don't have an Essex nightclub appearance to attend this evening either so I guess the Big Brother analogy ends there. 

Two university degrees and I had to wait until now for my big graduation moment!
While two Superior Cuisine students were lamenting over The Chef's criticism of their sauce consistency I had to stop from jumping in with support and suggestion - "I totally know, my Chef used to do it that way in demo too, then chide us for replicating that glaze in practical! I thought my sauce was perfect!" Huff, huff, hair flick.

It dawned on me, I was just that weird lady loitering in reception with a very clear case of kitchen envy. The party's over Miss Devour. "Go home!" as Ferris once said.  There may or may not have been a bit of a lump in my throat at this point...I can't confirm or deny (yep, a little lawyer in me still) but sitting there and watching the students compare chocolate sculptures, photos, lacerations, serious burns...I missed Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and my friends there a lot more than I cared to admit!

Me in Le Cordon Bleu reception earlier today.
So here I go, setting adrift on memory bliss...a photo montage of some of the dishes I created in workshops over my Superior Cuisine programme.  I figure this is slightly more functional than hanging outside the London school in my old uniform, eating croissants and looking angsty over my non-existent exam?

The design showing (1) the limitations of my 3D artistic capacities and, (2) the plating concept for my final exam dish.
In real life: A plate of fallen Autumn leaves, wild mushroom ravioli, seared scallop, poached monk fish and chestnut beurre blanc...OK yes, the description is full of it, but work with me here people!
Crispy salmon with zucchini fettucine and a roasted capsicum beurre blanc, poached prawn with chili and lime vinaigrette and salmon croquettes with dill mayonnaise.

Port-glazed roasted squab breast, herb and spinach salad, potato galette and honey jus 

Seared sea bass, carrot and ginger puree, roasted asparagus with a broken pistachio and chili praline.
I have to get into the kitchen immediately.  Enough foreplay!

Can't wait to see you girls next week!

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